In Memory

Mary Searcy (Turner)

Cause of death"  Unknown

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05/13/10 06:19 PM #1    

Marilaura Moosher (Marshall)

Mary was very dear to my heart and think about her often.  Every year I place the Christmas ornaments she handmade me and feel my heart ache, but then remember all the great memories and the ache seems to fade.  I know she's with our Lord and I will see her again, but really miss her.  She was the sister I never had.  I spoke with Mary's mother today and she told me I was like one of her own which made me feel so special.  Some of the memories in school date back to Dowling Elementary...we couldn't wait for more school and we could play everyday whether it be going to the community pool, walking to the store to buy candy or playing records in our rooms...we always had fun just being together!  Bonham Junior High comes around and we are still so close and wanting those summers again so we can fry in the sun on the rooftops of our homes laying on foil with crisco, (unless Karen invited us over to her pool) going to the movies was a must and every boy was crazy about Mary because she was as pretty inside as out.  I think that's when guys first started calling me because they were interested in precious Mary.   Our high school days were the best because I have a car now and we are in high cotton!!!  We drove to school every single day together...wait, sometimes I have to admit we would look at each other and say "I just can't do this today" so we would park somewhere to sleep for a while, then go to school (we would ground our children for that).  I remember playing a joke on Mary when we were pepettes, telling her to wear something different than the rest of us one Friday...she never stayed mad long!!!  When we walked the halls of Permian with Laura Headlee our friends would say "hi Mary, hi Laura...hi Marilaura".  We would just look at each other and laugh.  I remember she never wanted to hurt anyones feelings but had to tell me to stop wearing the blue eye shadow and she put the right colors on me!  I think the best memory I have of Mary is when she was with me while I had to bathe my newborn Heather and at 18 years old it scared both of us!!!  Heather was screaming to the top of her little lungs while Mary reads a book on how to bathe your newborn.  Mary was pretty laid back and was reading slowly "place a cotton ball in the bath water then wipe her eyes".  We got the job done and Heather has survived.  The last time I saw Mary she was with Sharon Fernandez and she told her she wanted to see me so they came to my home and we had a nice visit showing her pictures of the 20 year reunion, and that was six months before she went to be with our Lord and Saviour.  Mary has two children and a one year old grandbaby.  Sharon and I use to keep in contact with Mary's children and I will do my best to stay in contact with them again.  I love Mary dearly!!!

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