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Died of a heart attack

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07/11/10 09:01 PM #4    

Randy Rogers (Rogers)


A man with enormous talent on the field and off. Daryl always made the people around him feel important. May you rest in peace. You will be missed by all.

Randy Rogers

07/11/10 10:41 PM #5    

Kathy Gregory (Lollar)

Daryl, We didn't even understand that your presence at Nimitz and at Permian was unusual or groundbreaking.  You were just our friend.  Only now can we see what bravery it took for you to walk into school every day.  Thank you for breaking barriers.  Peace of Christ.

07/11/10 11:00 PM #6    

Marilaura Moosher (Marshall)


I am very saddened by the loss of Daryl Hunt but am so grateful we all had a chance to visit with him at our reunion only three weeks ago!  Julia and I had moved our hotel room three times due to cigarette smoke, which I'm highly allergic to.  Later thurs night Kim Shreve told us to come visit with Daryl at the hotel bar and when we arrived we discovered the bar reeked of smoke but decided it was worth getting to visit with him.  We were so blessed to spend time with Daryl and his buddies from Ector High hearing them share stories about the early football days and saw the respect his friends had for him.  He told us when he went to OU he didn't realize life would be like it was during segregation so he sat down at the "wrong" table to eat and they asked him what he was doing and he told them he was eating lunch!  He showed some of his college buddies his high school annual and they joked about him being so lucky to have gotten to go to school with all those white girls!!!  I told him it sounded like he had a positive influence on them when he was there but he was so humble he didn't comment! I know he is with his Lord and Saviour and will see him again someday...

07/12/10 01:45 AM #7    

Denise Garrett (Kelly)

Sweet Moose!  What a great guy who never failed to put a smile on my face EVERY TIME I saw him.  I was stunned to read that he was Permian's first black football player.  REALLY?!  I never, ever thought of him that way.  I've thought he was Permian's first really GREAT football player who set all kinds of records in college and then continued to thrill his friends and fans in Houston.  And I've told people about him that way.  I just never thought of him as Permian's 1st black player.  He was SO MUCH more than that.  I just feel blessed to have had time with him for fun and fellowship 3 short weeks ago at our reunion.  What a treat that was.  And he was same ol' sweet Daryl!  You're already missed Daryl.

Denise Garrett Kelly

07/12/10 09:33 AM #8    

Sue Lin Lee (Harris)

Alan...I remember Daryl singing Patches!  I smiled when I read your post.  I can still see him singing that song...

I used to tell Daryl that his parents were my living on the north side of the tracks.  He told me that he knew it was a bold move, but that because of us, his friends, it didn't take long for him to feel 'right' about it.  I love that he still kept up with his buddies from Ector...I love that he still kept up with his buddies from Permian. 

I remember the 10 year reunion, he came strutting in with his white hat and coat and gold and diamonds.  I pulled him to the side and said "What the hell has Houston done to you?"  He looked at me kinda confused and I said "I want the old Moose back!"  He thanked me for that a couple of years later...and understood what I was meaning.  He knew that we all loved him just for being HIM no matter what he did on the football field.  I told him "Well now, don't get me wrong....I brag about you to all my friends and family, but mainly I love you because you're a good man."  And you know what?  He loved ALL of us simply because we were his friends.

07/13/10 08:58 PM #9    

Sharon Hartman

I was just talking about Daryl last Wed.  One of my patients works at the same company as did Daryl.  I asked him if he knew Daryl, and he spoke fondly of him.  They played golf together, joked around, and were just good friends.  I told him what a great time Daryl had at the reunion, and how he "cut a rug" with all the ladies on the dance floor.  He said that sounded just like Daryl.  I also told him of his nickname, "Moose", and he couldn't wait to call him that the next time they saw one another.  I hope they did see each other and I hope they shared a good laugh.  Our class has suffered a great loss.  My thoughts and prayers are with Daryl's family and friends, and all those whose lives he touched.  Godspeed on your new journey, Daryl.  May you rest in peace.

07/14/10 11:15 PM #10    

Craig Foster


Old teammate--you will be missed. You got the better of me during many battles in football practices, but you always made me proud that you were a teammate.

I feel lucky that we were able to catch up at the 35th reunion.  It's ironic that you told me the story about how the media had prematurely released a story in error about you being seriously ill. You seemed in such good spirits and in good health. You spoke of how much you loved playing golf these days and that your photo holding a golf club in the Permian yearbook was a joke when it was taken 35 years ago-- but true today.

I hope you enjoyed your time with us --we were all better for having known you.--Craig Foster

07/16/10 01:01 PM #11    

Terra Cline (Adams)

I remember Daryl singing the Desederada at the Globe Theater in Odessa for our Nimitz choir performance.  He was just fantastic and we sang behind him...He did the talking part....Go placidly amid the noise and haste......., and then we all sang, 'You are a child of the universe...."  It gives me chills just thinking of it.   He was fantastic and everyone talked about.

At the reunion he told me that he had been helping his mom around the house, cleaning windows, etc.   So, I asked him how to clean windows and he proceeded to tell me to get amonia and water then wash....Next get newspaper to dry.  I asked him jokingly, which section, the comics or the sports....He said to use the business section!!!  Well, now I know how to clean windows.                    Rest in Peace my Friend.....Love and light to you and your family...

07/22/10 10:59 PM #12    

Rocky Reese

Yeah, Daryl could sing.  Does anybody remember him crooning "Colour My World?"  We were all sorry they hadn't written another verse to that song.  Nobody could sing it like Daryl. 


10/31/14 01:31 AM #13    

Carol Bankhead (Myrick)

Miss you. I hope you are resting in the presence of so many loved ones. I certainly hope there is football and golf in heaven, I know the singing is a little different than what we were accustomed to but I know you can keep up...RIP D.

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